Deal Sourcing "Bahrain is famous for Pearl trading, and it has been one of the most ancient practiced crafts."

One of the most challenging steps for any investor is the deal sourcing stage. Inefficient deal sourcing is what breaks or delays investment decisions and good opportunities are wasted. OME’s Deal Advisory team will facilitate and deliver effectiveness and structured decision making on behalf of our clients to ensure good investment opportunities are closed  and maintained successfully.

Our team will assist in the entire life cycle of a deal transaction from building the strategy, identification moving towards the valuation or assessing its feasibility. Moving forward is structuring the legal and investment framework and securing the deal financial requirements up to closing and post closing services.

We have introduced to our clients a number of interesting successful local and regional deals in different industries such manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure real-estate…etc. during the past few years and continuing to do so.

Our service offerings includes:
- Corporate Buy Side & Build
- Corporate Sell Side & Build
- Private Equity