Family & Corporate Governance "The Riff’a Fort was built in 1812, and was transformed to a residence for Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, that it was named after him. Today the fort still stand strong & overlooking the Riffa Valley."

A number of recent studies showed that more that 90% of GGC organisations are family owned business. Succession of founding generations situation presented a notiacble number of unpleasant cases that either ended in a court of law or by dismantling those organisations that are considered integral to national economies and to business family members at the same time. 

Our approach and in-depth experience in this field are of unmatched levels within the region. We have presented a number regional well-known families with a right solution at the right time. We will help in building the awareness for all stakeholders in preparation to move them to a new culture of a governed family business with an inspirational constitution and laws for the family. Our team will assist in the implementation of our design to ensure sustainability and improvement.

The later activities must be accompanied by a well designed and developed implementable corporate governance system. This will ensure companies compliance with most of the GCC current requirements for maintaining a proper and updated corporate governance system.

The benefits of a Family & Corporate Governance system are numerous and very clear but most importantly are sustainbility and smooth generations susccsion while being prepared to compete and grow in current market conditions and rapid changes.

Our serves offering includes:
- Family Governance Systems
- Corporate Governance Systems
- Family Office Setup & Implementation